Why Ireland must say no, nay, never to a capitalist education system


Campus.ie Ireland’s largest independent student web-site with a following of over 28,000 published a piece I wrote this week. The piece focuses on how our education system, free from economic influence, develops resilient members of a progressive society. I have worked in the education sector in Ireland, England, Qatar and most recently New Zealand. My experiences of capitalist education systems is that they lose their purpose in pursuit of profit. This has consequences for society that last into old age. Irish people need to think carefully about whether we want to maintain a progressive system such as that in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and many other European countries or whether we decide to foster the idea that education has a fixed time and monetary cost. One thing I’d like to make clear is – it is a choice. Narratives about sectors being unsustainable etc. are those used to promote a capitalist society where every man must care only for himself. If we value logic, reason, compassion and empathy – we should be willing to invest in it.

I hope the piece provokes reflection, thank you to campus.ie for publishing: http://campus.ie/surviving-college/academic/no-nay-never-capitalist-education-system