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The Honest

I help people to be honest with themselves so that they can maximise their potential.


What is an honest man?

An honest man is not trying to be something he is not. Through a process he has got to know what his strengths are and equally important what he is afraid of. Instead of shying away from his fears, he has developed a relationship with them that facilitates continuous improvement. It is this awareness that allows him to confidently share his gifts with the world. He knows the people, places and activities that will maximise his talents. An honest man has this awareness on and off the sporting field or in and outside of the office. He is a leader at home just as much as he is in the arena of life.

What does performance coaching look like for the honest man?

An initial exploratory zoom call to understand your context (life, work, hobbies, relationships) and your goals. Based on this an in-person or remote coaching programme can be developed to suit you.

How many sessions of performance coaching are required?

Usually 2 – 3 sessions are enough to establish a framework and set some goals that allow you to take action. Taking action will be a huge feature of performance coaching. A review can be set for 4-6 weeks from the final coaching session.

Who should avail of performance coaching?

Performance coaching is for someone who is ready to take action in order to grow as a person. Performance coaching is for someone who is ready to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

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