Night 6 and Day 7: The Kerry Way

The best really does come last. I left Kenmare in a fairly disheveled state and began a 3-km ascent toward the windy gap. My aim was to reach wilderness and camp immediately. However, it was a beautiful evening and my one foot in front of the other began to carry me further and further. I also knew that every step taken today was one less taken tomorrow on my final leg of the journey. I became reflective on the journey that had been and nature became reflective with me.

With the windy gap in sight and the sun still shining brightly past 9-pm in the mountains I decided I would continue on to reach the gap and camp just on the other side of it, facing for home the next morning. It was here that I would be greeted by God, the Universe, Spirit or whatever you prefer to call it.

I didn’t take many videos on this trip because I was focused on de-cluttering my mind rather than working on new ideas for the world I had left behind, but I recommend you watch the videos at the bottom of this post of nightfall over the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks (Ireland’s highest mountain range).

The next morning I had a pep in my step after one of the most awe inspiring nights of my life. I also had last day of the trail syndrome, the combination meaning I set off at lightning speed before eventually slowing down and finding a rhythm. I was blessed with some more deer watching, including this one of a mother and baby.

As per usual I was suffering by the time I reached Killarney but suffering to the tune in my head of David Bowie’s Heroes (just for one day). It felt like a hero’s journey and I am reminded of a T.S. Eliot quote that sums up the experience “And the end of all our exploring. Will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time.”

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p.s. I will write a deeper reflection on what I learned personally and some of the life lessons I picked up. I will also write about what it is like to return home from such a disconnected (or connected depending on your point of view) experience. I will charge €10 for these reflections, with all money being donated to the charity.