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Connection is rocket-fuel for team performance. I help people in teams trust themselves and one another deeply.


What do people need in order to perform at their highest level?

Psychological safety. A performance culture is built on people feeling confident enough in their surroundings to express themselves and their talents fully. In a performance culture people feel they can take risks and push the boundaries of their potential because failure is seen as a learning exercise rather than something that incurs blame.

Right person, right role. A team with a performance culture will take account of not only the skill set of the individual but also their nature. Good leaders give positions to individuals in which they are likely to thrive. When a person is suited to a task, there will be very little tension between ‘who they are’ and the task they are required to do (See Honest Man). For example, a people person might be more suited to front of house duties rather than background administration. A prop forward might enjoy playing in the front row more than out on the wing or vice versa.

What stops people performing well as part of a team?

Fear in teams is usually created by a lack of trust from the leaders and or a lack of trust between team members. Fear can also be created by a person not feeling their position or role is suited to their skills and or personality.

What does ‘Connected Tribe’ performance coaching look like?

Connected tribe performance coaching seeks to create an environment of psychological safety for a period of time (hours or days) that facilitates group members to be honest. Honesty requires vulnerability and vulnerability fuels connection. The end goal of connected tribe performance coaching is for individual team members to have formed a bond with one another which increases individual and collective human performance.

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