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The Critical

I act as a soundboard for leaders trying to implement their vision.


Why do leaders need a critical friend?

A therapist once asked me about my favourite sports people, both of whom were captains of their respective teams. In trying to get me to think more deeply about some of the challenges that leadership was causing me, he pointed out that although captains are surrounded by a team, they are alone. The penny dropped. By being a leader in many domains I was at risk of being isolated and lacking support.

What is a critical friend?

A critical friend acts as a much-needed soundboard for leaders to share their ideas. A critical friend helps the leader to reflect on whether his or her vision is being implemented as intended. A critical friend helps to highlight strengths in the leader that have gone unnoticed. A critical friend helps a leader to understand their own fears and how that might be limiting the groups potential. A critical friend helps the leader to develop a healthy relationship with fear. A critical friend helps the leader use his leadership skills in all domains of life.

What does critical friend performance coaching look like?

An initial exploratory zoom call to understand your context (life, work, hobbies, relationships) and your goals. Based on this an in-person or remote coaching programme can be developed to suit you.

How many sessions of performance coaching are required?

Usually 2 – 3 sessions are enough to establish a framework and set some goals that allow you to take action. Taking action will be a huge feature of performance coaching. A review can be set for 4-6 weeks from the final coaching session.

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