Day 5 of the Kerry Way

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Today began with renewed optimism due to a dry morning, a large wall behind my tent that allowed for some unpacking and repacking, and proximity to the sea which allowed for my first wash and change of clothes on the trip (it’s a glamorous life I know!) The first 3.5 hours to Caherdaniel took place in scorching heat and overlooking white sandy beaches and turquoise water.

My mind decided to allow me to review and make sense of the last 15-years of my life. Something I’ve wanted the space to do for a while. It is as though 4-days disconnected from our overstimulated world without new information has allowed space for old memories to pop up without my conscious intention to bring them up. I had a drink and refuel in Caherdaniel as I knew it was 17-km through the valleys to Sneem if I was to stay on track.

I’m here in Sneem now having dinner but it’s been another 9-hour shift today meaning my feet are really feeling it. If I can make the 25-km to Kenmare tomorrow. I am confident I can crawl the last 22-km to Killarney if necessary.

Luckily the barman here knows a man in another pub with a camp ground, meaning my days walking is done, phew !

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p.s. I passed a house on the way into Sneem, while I was on my last legs. There was an episode of “The Chase” on the TV and I couldn’t help think what a load of BS the modern world sometimes.