Running from injury – why do runners get injured and how do we stop it?

On Wednesday January 31st I will host a free event at my University to address the topic – why do runners get injured and how do we stop it?

Intended to be an interactive seminar between 6 – 8pm, it is open to runners, coaches, clinicians, scientists and members of the general public. The only catch is that it is limited to 200 spaces and you must register (free) here to get a ticket.

During the seminar I will draw on experiences as an athlete, coach, physiologist and physical therapist, in addition to the latest scientific literature. The aim is to pass on what I have learned along the way, especially that which enabled me to regain a fitness that I thought was lost to injury forever. I will also discuss my work with athletes and the factors which influence my decision making in the management of running injury.

If any of the Irish followers of this blog are interested in coming across, return flights are currently priced at £21 (01/12/2017).

Hope to see you there!