Episode 027: Interview with runner and sports scientist Peter Francis

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Episode Notes

Peter Francis PhD is a sports scientist, runner, and Musculoskeletal Science Lead at Leeds Beckett University. We talk about running, managing pain, achieving consistency, and barefoot running amongst many other things. If you’ve ever had an achilles problem then you need to listen to his advice on managing that injury. How about barefoot running for plantar fasciitis? Could be a game changer. And we were in agreement that the porridge-like lump between our ears might be the most important part of getting fitter and managing injuries.

All about consistency: from 14 mins.
Peter’s achilles treatment regime: from 21 to 30 mins.
Barefoot running and plantar fasciitis: from 35 mins.
Reduction in Plantar Heel Pain and a Return to Sport After a Barefoot Running Intervention in a Female Triathlete With Plantar Fasciitis. Human Kinetics Journal.

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