Day 3 of the Kerry Way

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Up a bit earlier today. Applied some compeed plasters to the parts of my feet that were starting to struggle. I treated myself to a change of boots and socks. I just need to dry the first pair with newspaper tonight. After the rain cleared, I was able to pack up the tent in peace. Setting up and packing minus rain is key to an easier day. After a breakfast roll and a coffee in Glenbeigh, I started out toward Cahersiveen.

Fuck ! It took a lot longer than expected. Planned as an easier 5-hour day, it took 7-hours. The last 3-hours I was really feeling it having only had one proper meal in 48-hours. I was tired, hungry and my feet were killing. At this point an American tourist had joined me, keeping pace with her kept me sane and allowed me to keep making progress.

Halfway through the day, I saw a town in the distance that I thought was way too far away to be Cahersiveen, but my worst fears were confirmed.

I had also forgotten that there are 5 “Welcome to…” signs before you are actually there. I was still almost 3-km from food after the first “Welcome to” sign. The first bar that advertised food and drink, didn’t do food so I was nearly out the other end of the town before I found a pub with food. I then added to my own misery by ordering a pint of Guinness forgetting I would need to let it settle before taking that first gulp !

On the plus side, today was the first day my monkey mind began to release. The previous two days I had been preoccupied with life at home, my past, my insecurities etc. But today, my mind became more future focused and then eventually when I became tired and hungry enough, it was completely in the present.

I have another few km to do back into the wilderness to camp and the thoughts of putting on my boots that I’ve left outside the pub door is a little nauseating. Today is the first day I had the thought that 7-days might be a tough ask, but I’ll get there.

I camped beside a leprechaun house in the end…

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