Titles and links to all running blogs

  1. Did the new shoes cause my heel pain?
  2. ‘What happened when we took the shoes from 9 well trained runners?’ A short blog to translate the science
  3. Who best to ‘fix’ my running injury?
  4. How much training for the sub-35 minute 10km?
  5. The Theory of Self-Control: Key to Consistent Running?
  6. Memory of the Boom Times making the Runner Go Bust?
  7. HEAD-SPACE: The Difference between Running for Exercise or Training for Performance?
  8. Beyond Stretching: Why Yoga is Good for Runners
  9. Cross-Training for the Runner (that actually works!)
  10. Beyond Speed: Why Runners Should Train like Sprinters
  11. Translating Consistent Running into Performance Outcomes
  12. Beyond Running Economy: Why Strength & Conditioning Training is Good for Runners
  13. The Road to Redemption: 10,000 hours of practice
  14. How much training for the sub 34-minute 10 km?
  15. Routine: The key to winning YOUR race before it starts
  16. The Capacity of the Runner to Adapt
  17. Do I run in shoes? Of course.
  18. To Shod or Not to Shod: Are We Asking the Right Question?
  19. High this and low that: What’s a runner to eat and when?
  20. The Power of Habit in Producing Consistent or Consistently Injured Runners
  21. Strategies to Manage Loss of Hunger in the Runner
  22. Running from injury – why do runners get injured and how do we stop it?
  23. What a Difference a Coach Makes…..
  24. Consistency: Why everyone wants it but few can master it
  25. Running from Injury: Recorded Talk
  26. In the Pursuit of Excellence: A Training Camp Sure Can Help
  27. The Anxiety of Athletic Injury
  28. A Week in Cross-Training
  29. Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 1
  30. Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 2
  31. Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 3
  32. Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 4
  33. How to Recover from the Runners Achilles Heel?
  34. Distraction: An underutilised tool to enable consistency and performance
  35. Children should spend more time barefoot to encourage a healthier foot structure
  36. The Importance of Doing ‘Enough’ During Rest Periods for the Runner
  37. Episode 027: Interview with runner and sports scientist Peter Francis
  38. Build Your Discipline Over Time
  39. Allowing Foot and Physiology to Uncoil as One
  40. Project 33: Coming Full Circle
  41. What are the most common running injuries?
  42. Pace Variation: The Missing Link in Running Injury and Performance
  43. The Flexible Mindset: Key to the Design of the Consistent Run Programme
  44. Running to Feel: The Key to Improving Running Fitness
  45. Variability a Runners Best Friend
  46. Tapering for the Leeds Half-Marathon
  47. Vivobarefoot Research Partnership
  48. Modern Living: Killing Us and Our Athletic Potential?
  49. The Urban Runner with an Evolutionary Legacy