Chapter 18: A little less information


I still do it now: set myself a target (albeit a less ambitious one) for my running; wear a watch so that I am fed a constant stream of information about pace, distance, and heart rate; compare that to where I was, where I am and where I’m aiming for; I notice what other runners are doing on social media; I read an article that makes me feel like I should be doing something different; I am told something by someone else about how I look or how I run and take it as fact. Before I know it, my running is taking place entirely in my head. If I was asked how tired my legs were, how my pain sensitivity was, how much I was enjoying the experience of running, or how I felt running generally – I probably wouldn’t be able to answer these questions. Yet, the answers to these questions are always the ones I need to modify and improve my running situation. More often than not, I need to get out of my head, ask myself how I am feeling right now and act accordingly. This has become increasingly difficult in the age of information overload.

We have already discussed in this book that the key to success is developing a set of habits that facilitate you to consistently do basic things well. After that it is all about time and patience…

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