Chapter 16: Limit your options


I was once asked at a talk what was the first thing I did when I was aiming to run well. Without thinking I answered, ‘finish work by 4pm’. I think the audience member was expecting an answer that involved a specific training routine, but the answer I gave was a serious one. Without enough ‘headspace’ consistent running is very difficult to achieve. I would finish at 4 because I knew that gave me enough time to prepare a good meal, anticipate any logistical issues for training in the coming days, relax and in turn, get a good night’s sleep. Finishing work on time or early was key to effective planning, nutrition, relaxation and sleep – a potent combination for injury prevention and general well-being.

My English teacher warned us before our exams about the dangers of ‘knowing a little bit of everything and not a lot about anything’. To live in 2021 is to be trying to do a bit of everything and ending up with not very much of anything…

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