Chapter 15: Slow and steady wins the race


In chapter 12 I tell the story of my first personal best in a very long time following 8 weeks of a very unconventional run programme. The average running volume for those 8 weeks was 32 miles and in later years it reached 40 miles in similar programmes. I calculated the average weekly mileage for the 156 weeks of training I had done between 2016-2019 and it was 30 miles. The run volume was modest and the increases over time negligible, but my consistency of training was impeccable. During this period my 10km times progressed from 36:40 to 35:18 to 34:20 and to 33:46. Slow and steady had won the race. Consistency was king.

The ability to delay gratification is central to the achievement of anything worthwhile in life. Tolerating the boredom of consistently doing basics things well is central to…

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