Chapter 14: The new normal


Sprinting up that hill as fast as I could, I knew it wasn’t possible for there to be anything ‘wrong’ with my legs. Yes, my tendon was a bit sore, but it was clearly working extremely well. This was further confirmed by my ability to hop and bound; to perform calf raises with 100-kg on my shoulders and to do track sessions for the first time in 6-years. I was beginning to develop (or redevelop) a confidence in my body’s capabilities. When other small niggles would develop, I didn’t panic. I modified training for a day or two but ultimately, I knew my body was more than capable of what I was doing. I started to see consistency in training as a given. I knew this was the case when I started to think more about what races I would do and when, rather than whether my body would hold up or not. I had established a ‘new normal’.

The amount of time a runner misses out on training is more closely associated with what they think about pain and how that makes them behave than the structural ‘damage’ offered by diagnosis…

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