Why go to WHY retreat Whangerai Heads?

‘A room with a view’, is an overused expression on accommodation web-sites, they can’t all have it but WHY retreat does. The view in the pictures is what I see every morning as I wake up, every-day I write in the lounge, every time I do a Yoga class and last thing at night. In fact, whatever part of the retreat you are in, you’re guaranteed at least a mountain face to look at. Speaking of mountain faces, there two within 5 minutes’ walk with well led tracks and steps all the way to the top where stunning scenery awaits (picture below). You’ll get a sweat up but only for an hour or two, depending on which one you choose. This means there’s no need for bringing half the house and you can do them more than once. You can walk a 2.5-mile loop around the mountain if you prefer the flat. If you fancy a swim, you simply have to choose which almost private swimming bay you prefer (there are lots). A little further afield but still only 4 miles or so are smugglers bay (in the picture) and ocean beach. Beautiful white sand and turquoise colour ocean.

Back at the ranch Yoga starts every morning at 9am, if you’re an early bird, like me these days, you might even get a ramble around the mountain beforehand. Jo provides a beautiful lunch and dinner every day. I’ve never eaten such nutritiously rich food that was at the same time so tasty. A detox without the pain. Ample snacks and breakfast options are kept well stocked within the fridge each day. There’s WIFI between 7am and 10pm, perfect if you enjoy being the wilderness but not cut off completely. There are some small local cafes and places to eat, but not many – I very much enjoyed this. It is amazing the crap you can do without when it is unavailable or at least unavailable without significant effort. Good food, exercise, nature, reading and writing formed the perfect get-away for me. I could lose the city but not my mind.