Run Thrive Survive Podcast

If you love running, what would prevent you from running? An Injury of course! We hear it all the time, stretch before you run, cool down afterwards. Don’t do this, don’t do that. It’s really easier said than done, but unless you make anything a habit, something that is put strictly into your running routine. Nothing will ever change!

But injury prevention for runners actually might even be more than that! Peter Francis, a lecturer in sport, exercise, and rehabilitation science, physical therapist, runner, human performance coach, and mentor, gives us a deep dive into how us runners, beginning or even advanced, can prevent running injuries. Or at least the most to common ones that we bring on ourselves. Which is all outlawed in his boo, Running From Injury.

We go back into barefoot running and how it can help your plantar fasciitis! Which is one of the biggest runners nightmares to have. There are so many techniques that runners can use to become mentally and physically stronger without injury or burnout! 

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